Virtual Event Platform

ICV Digital Media offers a complete virtual event platform solution for companies and large organizations throughout California. With our virtual event platform, you can launch webcasts in minutes, simplify virtual meetings, and broadcast online events to employees across multiple teams, offices, and locations.

What do you get with ICV's virtual event platform?

  • Event Management Tools
  • No Audience Limits
  • Custom URLS for your Website
  • Chat / Q&A
  • On-Demand Archives
  • No Downloads Required
  • Complete Reporting and Metrics
  • Self Managed or Full Service
  • Single Website for Live & On-Demand
  • Global Redundant CDN

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A Virtual Event Platform That Does It All

ICV Digital Media delivers an integrated production, platform, process and people solution seamlessly, so you can focus on creating real impact with your event and your business.

Getting started is as simple as a conversation. Let’s make an exceptional event together.

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