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10 virtual event ideas for your business

From company-wide meetings to team-building activities, virtual events are taking over the business world. And as a virtual production company, we totally get it.

Virtual events can be both educational and engaging – yet, require less commitment and responsibility from attendees. It’s a win-win all around. 

But you might be wondering, what virtual event ideas are right for your business? 

To help nudge you in the right direction, here are 10 ideas for virtual events we’ve seen for businesses and teams.

Virtual Event Ideas For Businesses

At ICV, we’re no stranger to helping businesses pull off phenomenal virtual events. But what are some of the best virtual event ideas we’ve seen lately? We’re glad you asked.

1. One-Day Virtual Conference

A one-day virtual conference is the perfect way to bring professionals together for a day of networking and education. With a virtual conference, you can limit cost and responsibility – but still reap the full benefits of a business conference.

Recently, we worked with Integrated Health Association to put together a one-day virtual conference with over 10 speakers and a full agenda. The conference included a Q&A session, panels, awards, and more – and all online. 

Interested in hosting your own one-day virtual conference, too? Reach out to us. We’d love to talk.

2. Multi-Day Virtual Conference

Just because the conference is going digital, doesn’t mean it has to be limited to a single day. Multi-day virtual conferences can be pulled off just as smoothly as a one-day conference. With the right platform and production team, anything is possible. 

3. Virtual Product Launches

Launching a new product and not sure how to share it with employees, vendors, and partners? Consider a virtual product launch. This is an effective way to educate, demonstrate, and discuss new products or solutions.

Want an example of what a virtual product launch can look like? Check out OktoberTech 2021, an exciting virtual event we put together with a semiconductor manufacturer.

4. Employee Recognition

Employee recognition can be challenging if you have a large company with employees located all over the country (or world). It can also be challenging for companies that are new to remote-based work.

Either way, virtual events can eliminate this challenge.

With a virtual event setup, you can livestream with your entire team and take the time to recognize and celebrate your hardest working and most dedicated employees. You can even turn it into an all-out employee celebration event with games, discussion rooms, and more. 

5. Town Hall Meetings

Need to host a company-wide meeting, but not sure how to pull it off? A virtual event might be the answer for you. But this doesn’t have to be limited to a zoom call in a dimly lit room. With a production team at your side, you can host a hybrid company-wide meeting with in-person and virtual attendees. You can rely on your production team to take care of everything from streaming to lighting to filming.

Virtual Event Ideas For Teams (Or Friends!)

If you’re looking for a more laidback virtual get-together for your team or company, there are a variety of ways to have fun in a virtual environment. Check out some of our favorite virtual team event ideas.

1. Stories Around The Virtual Campfire

Stories are always a great way to bond with other people – even coworkers! To try out this team-building virtual event, send your coworkers a make-your-own-s'mores kit ahead of time and encourage them to show up to the event prepared to tell a story. 

Come up with a theme to pull it all together. For example, ask your teammates to talk about a time they learned a lesson at work or in life. This will give everyone the opportunity to learn more about each other, while simultaneously providing valuable insights into life and work.

2. Trivia Night

Designate a host and launch your own virtual trivia night with your team. This can be a one-time event or a quarterly event. Either way, it’s an easy way to get everyone on your team or in your department engaged and having fun.

Pro Tip: Craft a special cocktail recipe for the event and encourage everyone to make the drink ahead of time. Consider emailing everyone a $20 gift card for UberEats, so they can order supplies for the cocktail.

3. Class Time

One of our absolute favorite virtual team building activities involves learning. Gather everyone together once a month or once a quarter and learn something new together in a virtual environment. 

You can hire a consultant to join the event and have them educate everyone on something that can be applied at work. Record the session and start to build a learning library.  

Want some help making these available, on-demand?  Reach out and we can help set up a platform that works for you. 

As another idea, you can take turns and have each team member host their own virtual class. This can be work-related or personal – but we recommend personal. This will give your team the ability to relax, have fun, and learn something interesting outside of work. 

Heads Up: To really make this virtual event special, make sure you plan ahead. For example, if a coworker wants to teach everyone how to knit a pair of socks, consider sending everyone supplies to follow along. Do what you can to make the virtual team event memorable and engaging. 

4. Virtual Game Night

There are a million and one games you can play virtually with your team, but it’s best to keep things simple. The more complicated the game gets, the more difficult it is for your team to actually play it in a virtual environment. 

One simple game you can play virtually with your team is pictionary. You can use a digital whiteboard, pick a theme (like movies, songs, places, etc), and share screens with each other. Be prepared to hand out digital gift cards or an extra paid day off to the top scorers.

5. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Virtual scavenger hunts definitely have to be one of the most engaging (and hilarious) virtual team event ideas out there. Compile a full list of items to hunt down beforehand and post it to the virtual meeting room during the event. You can theme this list or make it as random as you want. Either way, it’s a fun virtual event idea that’s bound to bring up some interesting discussions.

Check out this full list of virtual scavenger hunt ideas.

This is just the tip of the virtual event iceberg

When it comes to virtual event ideas for businesses and teams, this is just the very beginning. Virtual events can be a cost-effective, engaging, and memorable way to communicate and engage with your team, partners, and industry. So if you’re thinking about hosting an event soon, consider taking it virtual. 

Need help planning your next virtual event?

At ICV Digital Media, we help companies all across the country plan, host, and produce their virtual events. From company-wide virtual meetings to industry-wide virtual conferences, we have experience with a variety of virtual business events. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can work with your company, send us a message today. We’d love to talk virtual with you.