Web Applications save time and do work for you and your clients. Your clients demand more from you. It's simple, your web services need to communicate better and offer more. If your web applications were created more than 2 years ago then you need to update them. Don't watch your competition take advantage of the evolving cloud and the changes in delivering services on the web.
Web application development can save money and time within your existing enterprise. Turn your processes into web apps to collect, analyze and share information. Train and Certify staff, Track and report on projects. And keep clients and staff connected. Web application design and development with ICVDM can make the Web work for your organization. We design powerful web based tools designed specifically for you. We design web Interactivity using creative web design, navigation and strong business process programming that saves your staff time.

You can have an online library of informational Human Resource content populated with streaming video and interactive FLASH presentations that explain employment and company policies, describe and allow staff to choose benefit packages, provide sales training and product, procedure or service training. Users can login to a Learning Portal or Media Portal and interact with web content, retain a record of viewed content or online testing, and create a profile including favorite content. They can take required certification or skill tests and track their progress or results with administrators having access to reporting of all users. Send messages and notifications automatically from anywhere.
Websites and web media portals we build for our Medical Device, Healthcare and Pharma clients are central hubs for their organizations training. Provide online certification without any added SaaS fees with expensive contracts, or IT support hassles.

Below are some areas where Web application development can be applied within your organization.

  • On-Line Learning, Testing & Certification
  • Personnel Management
  • Crew Scheduling
  • Human Resource Tools
  • Product and Procedure Training
  • Image/Media Management
  • Video Archiving
  • Intranets
  • On-Line Presentations
  • Financial Analysis Tools

Online Business Tools

Web based scheduling for project tracking, recruiting and training systems, internal and customer communication portals are tools which improve your organizations efficiency, customer satisfaction and bottom line profitability. ICV can integrate these into your existing website framework or have our web developers build a new secure web portal or intranet.

Secure Portals

Making access to critical information anytime, anywhere simple and secure, is a key web initiative that business relies on, and one that ICV's web designers fully understand. ICV has created highly secure Intranet websites, corporate portals, corporate networks, workforce and collaboration tools and secure training programs that serve to greatly enhance and empower everyone in your workforce.

Web Migration

Migrate your existing legacy applications to the web. ICV web migration services allow organizations to extend the value of and enhance the potential of their valuable existing technologies. Using web 2.0 designs ICV can leverage critical existing legacy systems into web-based interactivity.

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