In Video Production and Web Design, results are the key.
When marketing and training, success hinges on how you deliver your message. When you work with us you're working with an interactive studio that offers Web, Graphics and HD video services under one roof. That keeps your web design projects on target and ensures that strong consistent visual theme that is critical to your projects success. One of our passions at ICV Digital Media is getting involved in your business and understanding your industry. That way we can build on-target messages using our design smarts and our state of the art technology for video production, web design and streaming delivery of business to business and business to consumer information. You wont find a media partner that has the experience or in-house design skills and technical capabilities that ICV has. Our strengths as both a San Francisco Bay Area Video Production company and as a web design company help you spend less while doing more. The video production and web design aspects of any project will fit together at ICV. Our studio is well positioned to offer Web Design in San Francisco, San Jose and the East Bay Area with our full time staff of web designers, web development Gurus and video production, editing, streaming and encoding experts.

We understand how merging your message across media reaches and holds your audiences attention. With interactive content such as streaming video and FLASH animation, your projects will shine. We develop sophisticated interactive content and Web site designs, our sites have easy-to-navigate interfaces, with strong messages through engaging text. We write and design Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to edit content when you want to.

Our client list spans all industries. Our work ranges from training, to scientific presentations to entertainment and everything in-between. On network television, in the corporate boardroom or streaming on the Internet is where you'll see our multimedia work. We are expert at putting media, video and graphics together in a fresh web design that is both powerful and easy to use.

Of course we can program and code in whatever flavor works best for your situation. PHP, ASP, Ajax, CSS of course, .net, C#, even CAKE. It's all here. We prefer using the LAMP stack as our development foundation and advocate it's use. We like to simplify and beautify code using neat things like jQuery.

We have experience in the CLOUD, having built complex websites utilizing Amazon EC2 and S3 services. We don't host websites. We leave that to the folks that do ONLY that. Depending on your comfort level, we can refer you to the right fit web hosting partner, or we can arrange all hosting for you. We work with corporate in-house IT departments to deploy within your existing web server arrangements. We DO have strong longstanding relationships with a handful of hosting companies that have stood the test of time with us. We did the dirty work of finding the bad web hosts and the good ones so you don't have to. We host many of our clients using Rackspace where reliability and the CLOUD are key.

Our CDN Video Streaming partner LimeLight Networks is where we host and serve our thousands of streaming video files for our clients. Host your webcast or streaming video with ICV and you'll get your own FTP and control panel access as well as robust real-time reporting of streaming video viewing. When we Webcast for you we provide all of the interactive elements that make a webcast a success such as; a branded Media Portal website, Registration tools, Sales and e-commerce, user access control, Chat, Polls and synchronized web video and Powerpoints, Live.

Learn why our clients and partners keep us busy building online training with video and testing, designing media portals for managing and monetizing their video assets online and have us constructing Web applications that solve business problems. We help you realize projects that add value and profit to your business.

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