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Live Webcasting - Let us build and produce your webcasts

ICV's 15+ years of truly global webcasting experience gives you peace of mind. Why? We use our own gear and fulltime staff of webcast pros. We plan the event with you. Our developers build the web sites and video players. We integrate with your web content, even providing hosting and the event web address.
We have relationships in cities around the world with hotels, event centers, and organizers. We navigate the immense task of producing a live webcast for you. All you need to do is give us a fast internet connection, a location and a date. We facilitate sales before and after the event. We live webcast and record your entire event and build a webcast portal for archived on-demand streaming.

Our live webcast includes PowerPoint slides synchronized with the speakers video, moderated chat and even LMS, testing and certification programs. Your event can be viewed no matter where we broadcast from. We can also webcast from our San Jose / San Francisco Bay Area sound stage video studio.

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   Our Webcast Player

What are the benefits of our Live Webcasting, video streaming services? For your conferences, product presentations, quarterly meetings, corporate townhall webcasts or training events our webcasts deliver greater attendance, control, capacity or revenues. Eliminate travel time and expenses. Sell worldwide with live webcasting. Provide Global 24/7 on-demand access to your webcasts or training to users that cannot attend in-person. Create unlimited sponsorship opportunities. Build a social webcasting community by offering virtual webcast participation with community chat, live polling, document sharing and testing. All of our clients lower their costs, and, if it's in their model, they increase revenues by using our Live Webcasting services platform to sell content and access. With our experience webcasting is simple, fast, secure.

Talk to ICV if you are considering live webcasting companies. You wont find a more full service, affordable webcasting team. Regardless of the type of event or the location, we promise that ICV Digital Media's live and archived on-demand video streaming webcast services, combined with our custom webcasting media portal and video player, web design and programming skills will surpass your expectations.

   Our Webcast Process

Our solid process helps conference groups, companies and associations maximize their marketing and training dollars with streaming video during and after an event. Sell for profit or share for value. Associations can add membership and attendee value with Live and archived webcasts. Corporations of all sizes share critical information globally very cost effectively with live and on-demand content. Healthcare, Med Device, Pharma and Tech companies can securely share and maintain control of a single portal of scientific and medical presentations and information.

With your branded Media Portal webcast platform as a web destination, you'll market to your customers, and share with your members or workforce in real time. Manage and publish content for your one-time or recurring events. Or just share with the public and build your following as a leader. This means increased recurring income and cost savings to you, and great value for your attendees, members, customers and for your corporate workforce.

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Pharma and Healthcare
Use live webcasting and a Media Portal to deploy on-line presentations of your scientific processes, medical device demonstrations or medical procedures as Live Event Webcasts streaming video alongside web based testing and data collection. Share and create a professional network of collaboration that increases awareness.

Webcasting offers great value and efficiencies in delivering Live and on-demand regulatory compliance messages, policy panel discussions, hearings, press conferences and employee certification and training. Deliver critical information within a secure and always open portal. Share policy updates and current issues with a world wide audience.

Corporate Communication
We show our corporate clients how to webcast. They use our Learning Management System (LMS) combined with live and archived webcasting to train and certify employees. Reach out to a global workforce and engage with customers and partners by webcasting product launches, corporate meetings and training. Cut travel expenses. We'll even help you move all of your existing content online and build an ongoing web library of content.

Add value to your membership, build a valuable social webcast network and increase attendance at conferences by selling online access. Build and manage a portal with testing, polling and content that can be viewed anywhere. Create and manage training and certification online. Media Portals and Virtual conferences create increased member demand, build value and provide unlimited sponsorship opportunities.

Your Own Media Portal

Our custom Media Portal webcasting service requires no installation hassles, no IT costs and no staffing. You can provide access to a dynamic online portal of Streaming Video, Audio, synchronized PowerPoint, documents and imagery in a branded professional website. Don't send clients or employees to YouTube to watch videos. With a Media Portal you'll keep visitors within your website where they have access to all of your existing information, and you'll have additional marketing opportunities.
Manage registrations, profiles, media and distance learning for your users, members or your corporate workforce across the globe.
Organize your Corporate Training online. Build Custom Training with Video, Media and quizzing within your own Media Portal. Retain all of your training media and compliance records in one secure website. Track access to content. Identify popular trends. Report and track user training. Have training that you need on-line yesterday? Call 925-426-8230 to see how we can help build your online training.

ICV's professional HD (Hi Def) Conference webcasting services, webcast crews and ace web developers work onsite. We travel to your event, anywhere in the world. Our production teams use the most efficient digital technology to deliver the highest quality audio and video webcasting with synchronized Powerpoints, social chat and polling, LIVE.

Our Live Webcasting and Web Based Training Services Feature
  • Video distribution via IP, or Satellite
  • Pre-event testing and any required pre-production
  • Unique web addresses if needed
  • Unlimited number of participants to the Live Event Webcast, Control over users, testing and content
  • Branded custom Web pages and portals designed to your specs
  • Live Streaming Video webcast platform web player with Synchronized PowerPoints during the Live webcast
  • Presenter photographs and session descriptions with video streaming
  • Live Chat Q&A, polling and audience response for immediate feedback
  • Web Archive of audio and video on demand within the Secure Web Media Portal we build exclusively for you

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Social Networking and Marketing

Build a social network that you can control. Take advantage of ICV's social web expertise and reach people everywhere, even those that can't or won't travel.
When you partner with ICV you benefit from using our proprietary Webcasting Platform technology by giving your attendees, colleagues and members the best value available anywhere in Live conference webcasting, Live training or event webcasting with archived on-demand training and streaming video. Your own video media library on the web. After the event, we archive your content online. Sell or provide free on-Demand access within the branded Media Portal Website or, within your existing website. We will integrate registration, logins or e-commerce processes. We can create the marketing e-mails, shared feeds, websites, blogs, landing pages and invitation videos.

What We Do

We know how to webcast. We arrive a day before your event and coordinate with your staff and the host venue to assure adequate Internet connections and proper live webcasting room setups. We verify scheduling with your presenters and collect all presentation Powerpoints. Once the event starts, our Media Portal lets us stream Conference PowerPoints synchronized with Live Web Video. Live Polling and moderated chat amongst viewers can be enabled. Associated documents are included in the Video Player for download. Testing and reporting can be implemented when CME Credit is offered.

Our Conference Recording can cover large conferences or Summit events incorporating dozens of breakout sessions over many days or, single room webcast events at your offices. We can build and launch social websites in conjunction with your live events in California, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Florida, or the Washington DC Metro area and beyond.
In 2015 ICV produced over 110 webcasts not only all over the US, but in Europe and Asia. We streamed multiple live webcasts from Rome, Italy, Singapore and Washington DC. 2016 has been even more exciting with our new V3 Media Portal launch. ICV will be busy with webcasting events on both US coasts and abroad.


To support the buzz your Social Webcast Media Portal and virtual events will create, ICV will help you share and sell your media in more traditional ways. We duplicate, package and fulfill orders for Flash Drives, loaded with your podcasts. Email marketing can generate post event interest and for license groups to live event streaming webcasts, or the archived post-event streaming webcasts. Make selected streaming video content freely available in the searchable, flexible Media Portal skinned with your logo and branding or embed live video in your website.
So...what are the benefits of live event webcasting your conferences or corporate events?
If we haven't convinced you by now how our live webcasting services and media portals can save money and make money, call us at 925-426-8230 and let us make it clear.