Live Webcasting Services - Why it's catching on

With ICV Live Webcasting services, hybrid events and conferences that offer Live Webcasting are more successful in every way than events without webcasting. We manage it all for you. Web, Venue, Video, Sales. Webcasts work not only for conference and large forums but also for delivering private and secure training, announcements or quarterly townhall webcasts. Do you Archive your Webcasts? With our archive Media Portal, viewers can watch streaming video webcasts on-demand. When watching a live webcast viewers can chat in real time, participate in polls or tests and ask questions of the presenters. When you simultaneously webcast an event, you'll realize increased attendance.

Live Webcasts - online webcast quote

Townhall Webcasts

Our clients see the value of Quarterly Meeting webcasts. Corporations and organizations of all types and sizes need to provide faster and easier access to events and information. ICV provides San Francisco Live Webcasting for numerous clients, but we also travel the country and the world every week. Washington DC, Istanbul, Turkey, Singapore, Germany, Sao Paulo, Miami. Our complete package of production and web services makes live webcasting any event simple. We handle every aspect from AV production to web design. ICV Digital Media's Live conference webcasting solutions provide an effective, affordable means of increasing attendance, awareness, participation and value to you, your visitors, your sponsors, your employees and exhibitors.

Your Live Webcasts are archived in a branded webcasting services Media Portal for on-going sales or for on-demand access. With this you'll achieve attendance and social network engagement much higher then on-site only events.

How to Webcast

How to webcast? We show you. Why Webcast? Increased audience reach with a measurable ROI are the reasons webcasting is a growing trend especially amongst our Healthcare, Pharma Tech and Finance conference webcasting clients. Let ICV be your Live webcasting services partner and avoid the IT investment.

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Our Live Video Webcasting Services platform offers:

  • Live webcast distribution via IP, or Satellite
  • Streaming webcast technicians and event producer on site
  • Pre-webcast testing and any required pre-production
  • Unique web address URL for your webcast event or portal if needed
  • Unlimited number of live webcast webinar participants
  • Branded Web pages and portals as required
  • Live Video webcast interface player with Synchronized PowerPoints during the Live webcast
  • Speaker photographs and session descriptions with video streaming
  • Live Q&A, polling and surveying for immediate feedback
  • Archive of audio and video webcasts with playback on demand within the Web Media Portal website we build exclusively for your event.

ICV's solutions range from simple single room webcasting to full scale conference recording or corporate media libraries and training websites, including LMS (Learning Management System) capabilities. We can webcast simultaneous breakout sessions streaming within a branded Media Portal website. You control and manage your content and the users. ICV will even work with you on your marketing and sales messages to help reach your target audience in the most efficient manner.

The increasing popularity of webcasting events and conferences is due to the realizations that:
  • The content can be reused, re-purposed and even resold many times over.
  • Access can be controlled. You decide who to share with and sell to.
  • A webcasting library of your content can be built and easily maintained.
  • New content can be added and existing content can be replaced or edited.
  • Additional sponsorship and registration opportunities are created.
  • Added value to members, workforce or attendees.

Distance Learning

Online Training, testing and distance learning management continues to grow at a rapid pace in 2013. Training and instructional webcasting is a smart spend. Archiving webcast content online in a Media Portal is an investment that lasts. ICV Media Portals are an online, always open, library of your webinar content and training material. Offer video webcasts with specific testing exercises by building a training curriculum online. Verify user knowledge of content for regulatory purposes. Content can be segmented allowing granular access control yet easy discovery and interaction by users.

An ICV Media Portal webcast environment enables a level of measurement and analytic knowledge beyond what is possible in a physical tradeshow, conference or existing corporate HR department. Virtual attendee behavior, knowledge, sales, and interest levels can be monitored, sourced, and analyzed. Purchase and registration can be handled 24/7 automatically. You can respond immediately and adjust content or promotional messages based on that realtime knowledge.

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