Webcasting for Associations

An Association or trade group's goal is to serve their membership through the distribution of relevant news and information. This communication model is evolving to the online network model relying more and more on social webcasting and intranet portals. ICV Media Portals are at the forefront of that movement. You already know there is a broader audience for your conference content than the people who attend on-site. Live Webcasting may have begun solely as a way to take the conference to people who couldn't attend, but it is now a vital resource to on-site attendees as well as the presenters. Lower your event costs by live webcasting and utilizing the virtual tradeshow model. Membership value is enhanced with virtual events, live social webcasts, archived multimedia, video presentations and online collaboration tools.

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Enterprise-class Digital Asset Management

An ICV Media Portal provides a consolidated online Video, Audio, Powerpoint media asset management solution to manage the lifecycle of your media. Upload, share, sell, train and publish your video and other training media anywhere with complete control. Schedule, archive, manage and deliver news and information within ICV's Media Portal. Your users stream audio and video with Powerpoint syncs right through the Web interface, eliminating the need to download the assets. News articles and discussions can be shared along with documents, training courses and certification. All in a secure collaborative website. Easily manage content, users, marketing and outreach within your custom branded Media Portal.

Training and Compliance Webcasting

Create online training, distance learning and testing. Track users scores, skill, knowledge and compliance with in-depth reporting. Easily generate required compliance records of test results or certification exams for groups and employees. Keep an online database of testing history. ICV Digital Media will work with you on integrating your existing training and testing assets into a Web-based Portal for training and record keeping.

Content Distribution

You can schedule the delivery of the content for a specific date and time, releasing it to maximize market and audience impact. Spread the word online with Moderated chatting, Twitter feeds and Live web based Polls.

Profit from Webcasts

Only a fraction of your membership will attend your regional and national meetings. This is usually a financial or time restriction. An ICV Media Portal allows you to extend the life of your event and generate additional revenues and new sponsorship opportunites to help monetize the event while performing your key mission - Getting information into the hands of your members. ICV Digital Media will work with you on monetization strategies for your webcast events and turn the media production into a profit center.

Webcasting Production Services

With ICV's Video Production services as part of the package, you have the power and scalability to meet any event, training or distribution requirement. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies, educators, small businesses and public sector organizations all over the world have chosen the ICV Media Portal to solve their media production, management and distribution needs. We webcast and record using only HD Cameras for the very best video quality. We provide all of the gear and staff required. We use our own Streaming Video Servers and we can provide the website media portal.

Video and Audio Presentations Online

ICV Media Portal provides the best live event and archived Video / Powerpoint Webcasts available. Whereas most providers rely on off the shelf applications that are disjointed and incomplete, ICV uses our proprietary synchronized Powerpoint webcast application we developed in house. It's rock solid and complete. We broadcast LIVE video conferences with synchronized Powerpoints from anywhere and have the content available for archived On-Demand access the same day.

Searching and Viewing

Not only can users use Google-like searching for audio and video webcast content but they can also search by Presenter or Event. Search and read information of all types including documents, training, quizzes and discussions. Creating favorites and sharing video is simple too. An ICV Video Media Portal indexes all of the metadata, the content and more, allowing the user to find, read view and interact with any content, including HD video webcasts.

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