Live webcasting & Video Production in San Jose. Ca

Founded in 1989, ICV is a San Francisco bay area video production, web design, webcasting service company that provides High Definition video webcasting, production and streaming in the SF Bay Area, San Jose - Silicon Valley and beyond. We're web designers that know streaming video. We create websites and web applications for live and archived video webcasting, on-line training, collaboration and e-learning for clients all over the globe. Our Webcasting program beats any service out there, and makes video on the web affordable for all companies interested in webcasting.

Unlike other webcasting service companies, our Clients range from small orgnaizations to Fortune 100 corporations. Our San Jose video production clients include in-house corporate HR, media departments and Ad Agencies. Our Boston MA, Raleigh NC and Washington DC association group clients and event organizers can't find a better partner locally so we send crews across the country all year long.

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, video production companies turn to ICV for live webcasting and online presentation solutions for their clients. Constantly innovating our live and archived webcasting and web design applications and services, ICV strives to be a leader in the webcasting industry. ICV Digital Media travels the world with our High Definition Cameras and web developers building Media Portals for our Conference Webcasting and Corporate clients.

ICV understands that sharing social media online is the future of business and has focused on two video and web initiatives that are a growing concern:
Corporate - Corporations understand the need to consolidate and share their growing libraries of media, marketing and training processes and records
Conference - Conferences continue to be an important venue within business and government for sharing information and policy, and for learning and networking.

Why Webcast?

The processes and hurdles involved in organizing and sharing content, or hosting or even attending a conference or training event are many. Today, conference organizers see that financial constraints, travel cutbacks, security and time considerations are having an impact on attendance. Corporations see an urgent need to have the ability to consistently train and communicate to a global workforce easily around the clock. Our live Conference Webcasting Services online training and enterprise rich media presentations can change all of that for you. Take advantage of the Web with ICV as your partner in conference webcasts, online training portals and distance learning initiatives. You'll have State of the Art technology for enterprise live and archived webcasting, High Def video production, robust web design, online testing LMS systems and CMS / content management. We work in Washington DC, San Jose Ca, Silicon Valley and San Francisco Ca as well as European centers. We have a full time staff that is expert in all aspects of web based rich media utilizing HD Video production, web design and live webcasting.

Where we work

From our San Francisco bay area Web and Video Studio in Pleasanton, we send crews on location ready to work with your staff and the host venue to assure that the webcast goes smoothly. We use our own custom programming and processes to assure a reliable and high quality experience for your on-line attendees. Our Operations Center in our Pleasanton video production and web design studio includes 3 Final Cut video editing suites, a full 2500 square foot stage studio and a multi format video webcasting and streaming facility. Unlike other webcasting companies we have full time web developers and software programmers on staff ready to create new training content or help you repurpose your legacy content into a single online web training portal. Our video staff includes editors, High Definition camera operators, Directors of Photography and audio engineers.

Our client list spans all industries. We are expert at wrapping information, media, video and graphics together in a fresh web design that is both powerful and easy to use.

Drop by our San Francisco Bay Area video production web design studio to see how to put together a Webcast portal, and how our programmers are kept busy building Virtual events, Distance Learning and Training Websites and Video Streaming webcast applications. 925-426-8230

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